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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 15:44


Some of you may have read my story of how I and the woman got into the swing, when I organized a kind of hit us while we were away for the weekend. After that, set some ground rules so that we knew our limits. Do not go into the rules, but probably the idea. Sue went out the night with some friends and before leaving we were all hotly debated is a bitch. It was probably not happen, because Sue wanted to know their friends what they like to do. Sue and I agreed that she could have a good time while she walked with care. Sue and a friend named Carly spent most of the night teenax talking about boys. Carly Sue was single and happy about what Carly could get up with the guys who were in the bar. Sue was very hot and not wearing any underwear. Carly ended up kissing a boy, Mark, but she was very angry, and when teenax the night ended Carly Sue asked to accompany Mark 's Square. Sue share a taxi and was embarrassed when Carly and Mark is on!Arrival of Mark were all out for a drink. Carly was really out of her, and she collapsed on the couch, leaving Sue and Mark alone. Sue was only there for Carly, but she had other thoughts going through your head. Mark and how Mark Carly went home and apologized for the taxi ride remains Sue. Sue said she would see her get totally turned on and said he would have preferred to have been built, Sue has been a little drunk, but is marked that I could see her dress. Mark got the message and kneeling in front of Sue, who opened her legs and lifted for a drink. Sue wall teenax and then extract the marrow and sucks cock. Sue took a sip and swallowed, had not taken teenax long for Mark. Carly began to wake up and see, fortunately, not knowing what had happened. Carly left Sue and Mark 's apartment and has a taxi home. Sue came home and told me the story. That was one of our rules, teenax to be honest, what you have in hand.
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 15:42

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